Sep 20, 2013
Groupe Pasteur Mutualité (GPM) wanted its sales force to strengthen their customer intimacy and close deals in one meeting. Thanks to Devoteam, GPM sales consultants can now present their products on tablets, let their customers choose the product that suits them, and sign the contract directly on the screen.
  • Main challenges

    Groupe Pasteur Mutualité (GPM) is a French specialised mutual for health professionals with a national coverage.

    As a part of its dematerialisation project, GPM wants to provide with tablets its sales forces, responsible for presenting GPM offers and signing mutual insurance contracts with their clients. A tablet application has to enable them to present the GPM offers and to close deals in one meeting thanks to digital signing and simulations.

    The challenge is to improve sales force efficiency signing contracts faster and avoiding numerous meetings, errors and losses caused by paper subscriptions, to set up a legally valid subscription and to improve GPM's brand.

  • What did we solve?

    Devoteam helped GPM to improve customer experience and sales force efficiency:

    • Different studies were realised by Devoteam to select the right device (iPad as a first device, but open to others later), refine the project scope, define a policy of Mobile Device Management and applications
    • A Proof of concept demonstrated the technical feasibility of handwritten numeric signature, PDF generation, documents scan, geolocation... on tablet
    • A Private Store and a scenario of underwriting process were implemented
    • Change management programmes were launched for sales, legal and administrative teams to secure the tablet appropriation. R&D activities investigate today new functionalities leading to new developments on the application

    "One of the key success factors was the global coverage of the Devoteam Mobile Enabler"


  • Main benefits
    • Innovative tool, with no equivalent among direct competitors
    • New customer intimacy:

    4-hands sales, real time feedback on product and services...

    • Tablet usage is increasing every day

    22% of contracts digitally signed after 3 months
    From 9% to 40% sales-force adoption in a few weeks

    • Excellent feedback from sales forces:

    45%: It facilitates greatly the sales process
    11%: It facilitates the sales process
    22%: It does not make it more complex
    11%: I didn't use it yet
    0%: It makes it more complex