Oct 23, 2014
To implement Office 365, Realworld Systems enlisted the help of Devoteam Netherlands. As a Microsoft Deployment Partner, Devoteam is the obvious partner. Most of all because of the extensive experience and certified engineers and consultants.
  • Why Realworld Systems chose Office 365

    In the continuity of The Netherlands, Realworld Systems plays an important role. The company manages spatial asset management services in the GIS world for distributed objects, such as distribution networks and (rail)roads. The consultants of Realworld Systems are specialists in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). With customer orientation as a priority, they have the guts to invent and to use new solutions. Realworld Systems operates in eight countries with 150 people, including 55 in the Netherlands.

    "The Microsoft software we use, did not integrate well with Google's software. Enough reason for us to look at an alternative that integrates well. That’s why we chose Office 365."- Paul Meester, Director of Realworld Systems.

    To implement Office 365, Realworld Systems enlisted the help of Microsoft Deployment Partner, Devoteam Netherlands. Devoteam is the obvious partner for this transition. Not only because of specializations as SharePoint, Messaging (Exchange) and Cloud Computing, but most of all because of the extensive experience and certified engineers and consultants.

  • Situation

    After working for years with Google Apps for Business and various other software, Realworld Systems ran into practical problems. Paul Meester, Director of Real World Systems: "You want to know that all those different software also operates well together, but it was not always a good match".
    Although Google services were complimentary to early adopter Realworld Systems, they decided - looking at the bigger picture - to choose Office 365. With the alignment of all different software packages, the situation has become much clearer.

    Switching to the new software went very smoothly. "Office 365 provides much of the same functionality as Google Apps. It is also nice to see it’s very intuitive, therefore it didn’t take much time for our people to adapt to working with Office 365. Sure, there were some people who were totally hooked on Google's software and they didn’t like the switch, but soon and without problems they adapted to working with Office 365 too”. The power of Office 365 is not only in the ease of use and features to the users, but also in the migration and management capabilities. Yet there are also differences between the two software packages, where we had to get used to. "Google Talk messages are synced across all devices," explains Meester "That's something Lync is not capable of yet".

  • Implementation

    The transition went extremely good and was achieved in a short time. Also on the locations situated at the other side of the planet. When Realworld Systems decided to make the switch, it also meant a migration of email from Google to Office 365. They chose to migrate the old information and agreements to have everything within reach. The conversion went smoothly and all employees still have access to their mail from before the transition.

    Especially that availability of information is an important focus in the software of Microsoft. Today we are working with a combination of on-premise and cloud, an area where Devoteam Netherlands has extensive experience and many successful implementations.

    The files employee produce on their PC, are always available everywhere on any kind of device. The cloud plays an increasingly important role. Sebastiaan Durand, senior engineer at Devoteam: "Microsoft guarantees a high degree of availability. All data is safely stored in different locations. If a company decides to internally host everything yourself, you lose redundancy. In this regard, the cloud is much more flexible".
    Another major advantage of Office 365 is that the products are constantly being evolved and users always have the latest version at their disposal, also on-premise and no matter what device the software is installed.

  • Benefits

    Though today we are increasingly working in the cloud, many users find it a godsend that the license also includes offline versions. Meester: "That we still can use offline software, is an advantage of Office 365. I am also very pleased with the mutual integration of the different software packages with Office 365. Since that was our purpose, it's good that everything fits together now".