Sep 5, 2012
Basel III established a new set of global standards for capital adequacy and liquidity for banking organisations. Although principally aimed at banks, these standards apply to certain other types of financial institutions as well (e.g. EU investment firms). The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision developed Basel III to supplement and, in certain respects, replace the Basel II standards. The core elements of Basel III were finalized at the international level in 2010.
  • Main challenges

    Our client institution operated under a Basel II-based capital system and needed to update its SOMETHING to reflect the Basel III reforms.

    We provided the Basel III Programme Steering assistance for the Bank's IT department:

    • Programme synthesis preparation for IT, in particular for governing bodies (steering committee, branch committee)
    • Action plan follow-up, planning and potential issues
    • Budget consolidation
  • What did we solve?

    The demands and challenges of the Basel III implementation are both numerous and complex, and call for an efficient and structured approach to mitigate the impact of Basel III. In working with our client on their response to the Basel III requirements, we use both a proven and target-oriented approach and our own tools.
    The first stage was devoted to an analysis of the Bank IT's current situation to identify the scale and focus of the project.
    In the second stage, with deviations from Basel III identified, our client and we established priorities for immediate action while planning the implementation. The planning process took into consideration the bank’s specific characteristics and IT platform.
    During the third stage, we implemented the plan with project planning tools used to identify and correct deviations.

  • Main benefits

    Value creation: providing the necessary visibility to steer the Basel III liquidity project.
    Devoteam brought together a variety experienced professionals as well as a project management package to effectively implement the Basel III modifications and allow the Bank to operate within Basel III standards.