Customer challenges
  • "A basic rule of strategy is to prepare to defeat an attack, instead of hoping it will not happen"

    Sun Tzu - The Art of War

    Our customers need a clear security strategy and an efficient security organisation. They also need to translate the strategy into solutions and concrete operational actions.

    We help your chief information security officer (CISO) to implement the right security organisation, define and plan to initiate major security projects (security master plan, framework study, dashboards, working group facilitation and security policy development).

    We use our experience with many major clients as well as our relationships with key security market players (publishers, manufacturers, etc.) to achieve your market research, comparative studies and state-of-the-art overview. All this allows the choice of appropriate solutions (e.g. benchmark tools for securing mobile devices, feedback on security solutions deployed in your cloud).
    We include your project teams in the early phase to contribute to the design of secure architectures and to help the project manager identify specific safety measures to be implemented prior to production.

Case studies
  • Devoteam helped Docapost DPS to achieve the renewal of an international security certification for their Dematerialization Department
    Docapost Document Process Solutions (DPS) is a subsidiary of the French company La Poste that is number one in France to provide a complete panel of solutions to manage the dematerialization of papers or to monitor and archive digital documents.
  • Steering a French Bank transformation project in order to comply with Basel III requirements
    Basel III established a new set of global standards for capital adequacy and liquidity for banking organisations. Although principally aimed at banks, these standards apply to certain other types of financial institutions as well (e.g. EU investment firms). The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision developed Basel III to supplement and, in certain respects, replace the Basel II standards. The core elements of Basel III were finalized at the international level in 2010.
At a glance
Our team of ISO 27001/27005 certified experts will help you to:
    • Build your global information security policy
    • Define your information classification methodology
    • Manage your information systems security
    • Define your security KPIs
    • Design your security architectures
    • Drive your information security transformation projects
  • Risk Management
    An effective risk governance allows businesses to be at the forefront of their strategic opportunities by adapting their business models to the market
  • Governance & Architecture
    Assist our customers to design asset security
  • Security compliance
    Ensure that your information privacy and security is aligned with risks, standards, baselines, regulations and laws applicable to your organisation
  • Business Continuity Plan
    Between legal compliance and operational insurance, business continuity is a standard for good governance today
  • Security Services
    Balancing safety, design and implementation while ensuring the success of complex projects.