Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Experience Level
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Education Level
HBO, Hogeschool Zuyd (bachelor of business administration)
  • Career milestones

    Moving a large organization such as the ABN AMRO into a new Agile world is never done easily. But when we transformed whole domains into a scaled scrum environment within a year, that felt pretty good. The journey hasn’t finished, but then again, I don’t think it ever should.

  • Everyday life

    When working with the client my main job is promoting and supporting an Agile way of working. I help teams with their use of Scrum and assist organizations with their Agile ambitions. And whatever I experience ‘in the field’ comes together at Devoteam office where, together with my fellow consultants, we work out new propositions and discuss challenging client cases.

  • Personal life

    I’m a big family man, always enjoying time spent with my wife and two boys. If possible I like to combine things with my ‘southern’ take on hospitality welcoming friends at home for some laughter and wonderful food and drinks.