Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Experience Level
Business Line
Management & Business Analysis
Education Level
Masters Degree - University of Amsterdam
  • Career milestones

    Since 2014 I have been working as program manager for ING for the largest IT transformation program with the aim of simplifying and automating the IT landscape. One of the bigger chunks of the business case entailed decommissioning all assets from application to network layer in a data center in order to hand it over to a 3rd party. With a scope of over 400 application migrations, for as much agile teams across all business lines of ING and tight timelines we managed to deliver on time early 2017 making this a big win which I am proud of!

  • Everyday life

    At the clients site; Whether I am preparing decisions for C-level execs, or running around solving issues in order for the teams to make headway with change in scope of the program, there’s never a dull moment. At Devoteam there are usually several things going on, from a presentation about Agile transformation, or a training business analyses or SAFe, I am challenged on several levels.

  • Personal life

    Besides enjoying the good life with my family either in an active (cycling, bootcamp training) or relaxed (cooking, reading) way, I like to keep up with the technobabble and tinker with Internet of Things (IoT) Arduino and raspberry devices. Also very much keeping up with new tech and currently engrossed in Blockchain (it’s gonna be HUGE! 😉).