Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Experience Level
Business Line
Education Level
HBO Informatica / BSc in computer science
  • First steps

    I joined Devoteam at a time I had many changes going on in my life. I was about to have my first child, and I had just moved to another part of the country. I was surprised at how fast I could develop myself in new technologies and seeing how they fit the customer needs.

  • Career milestones

    I’ve been working in the financial sector for most of my professional career. One of my latest milestones was developing a specialised workflow system for Rabobank. I also found much satisfaction in implementing the Agile way of working and the Scrum framework in organisations seeking improvements in their development processes.

  • Everyday life

    For every client I worked for, it’s an exciting challenge to show and prove what Devoteam and I can do for them. For me, providing added value, not only in a product, but also in the improvement of processes gives me satisfaction. I currently work at the De Nederlandsche Bank as a .NET developer and a Scrum Master.

  • Personal life

    I aspire to have a balanced life between work and my growing family. I believe they can strengthen eachother, giving boundless energy when balanced properly.