Breda - The Netherlands
Experience Level
Business Line
Education Level
MBA in ICT Bedrijfskunde
  • Career milestones

    In 2006 I was asked to take part in building up a new IST organization in Brussels where the IT Organizations of the Benelux countries were combined into one. A transformation towards a new process oriented IST organization from paper to operation. From 2008 on I guided a smaller transformation from process to Service Orientation of the local Fortis Bank Netherlands which resulted in a transition of resources and knowledge in 2010 towards ABN AMRO and outsourcings partner IBM. Until 2015 (where I was leading a combined team of IBM and ABN AMRO) we rolled out a complete new Service Framework, Processes, Tooling (Service Now) and Governance for all countries in the International domain of ABN AMRO and last year’s I send my time in advising and guiding BNP Paribas Cardif in their Agile Transformation. I love to work in these big change projects to set a solid foundation for the organization and their future improvements.

  • Everyday life

    Embracing each work-related change, so my everyday life is depending on actions, changes and decisions made. Some structure as daily’s and scrum ceremonies to help management, development teams and Product Owners, but what had no priority yesterday, could be very important today. Like breaching resistance for change by organizations and colleagues.

  • Personal life

    After more than 30 years of Judo and teaching youngsters I am now enjoying every step of my five children growing up and having a good life with my family. I try to make time for a daily jog with the dog, Mountain biking once in a while, Renovating our home and discovering new places.