Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Experience Level
Business Line
Management & Business Analysis
Education Level
Bachelor in Economics
  • First steps

    Started as consultant Administrative Organisation, grown as project manager and ultimately having the best role there is for me: senior business analyst.

  • Career milestones

    Thanks to my assignments at customer sites, I dedicated myself to increase the development of female talent within organizations. Enjoying this sharing of my knowledge and experience, it was the starting point for my role as trainer. With my experience as a business analyst, I'm able to give practical meaning to different BCS training courses.

  • Every day life

    My daily work varies from my tasks at my customer assignment to conducting job interviews with potential Devoteam colleagues. In addition, I develop new services for the public sector, in cooperation with my colleagues.

  • Personal life

    As a true bonvivant, it's necessary to exercise regularly, preferably on the tennis court or CrossFit box. Sports is my second passion and it helps me staying fit enough to keep up with my busy schedule.