Picture of Krishna Simonse
Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Experience Level
Business Line
Education Level
Social History (academic level), IT development (graduated)
  • First steps

    Starting at Devoteam, after spending 13 years of my life in IT at a professional university, can only be described as entering a different world. Transforming to a more commercially oriented mindset has been a pleasant change. Moving with business demands, following or influencing enterprise reasoning. Exciting opportunities that I was happy to pursue.

  • Career milestones

    I have spent a lot of time working with Office 365 in different projects and for different customers, even Devoteam itself. I have enjoyed the varied challenges that go along with getting organizations ready for cloud technology. Getting opportunities to learn Azure architecture, study the ins and outs of Digital Rights Management and overall maintain a high level of of functional and technical knowledge in my field of expertise is of great importance to me.

  • Everyday life

    At the moment I spend my time helping one of the Netherlands premier international insurance companies with different challenges concerning their migration and transformation to the cloud.

  • Personal life

    When not in the USA volunteering for game conventions, writing game material or refereeing said games , I like to sit back at home, relax with music and a book, waiting for my eventual Hawaii retirement. And maybe try to spoil my nieces some more.