Nijmegen - The Netherlands
Experience Level
Business Line
Management & Business Analysis
Education Level
MSc. Information Science
  • Career milestones

    In 2015 and 2016 I have helped the Dutch “Centraal Orgaan opvang Azielzoekers”, or COA for short, in developing a brand-new user designed system for administrating asylum centres in the Netherlands. In a dedicated Scrum team, working in an asylum centre and in close proximity to the end users, we managed to create this application in less than a year and it is now being used in all asylum centres throughout the country. Another milestone for me is my work on WIJZ, a new registration application for children in youth care and/or in youth probation. Working with a “core team” of external professionals we managed to completely revigorate a nearly failed project, deliver working software and are now working on implementing the application in multiple organizations.

  • Everyday life

    As a solution- and information architect, currently working most of my time for Jeugdzorg Nederland (Dutch Youth Welfare Organization), I usually travel around the country quite a lot. Sometimes I work at the developer’s location to assist the team with understanding certain specifications and help them to make technical choices. Other times I can be found at the customer’s working sites to talk to stakeholders and domain experts to gather more information and requirements. At Devoteam, I also work as a senior consultant on various, dedicated projects. This usually means I join the project team once or twice a week to help them with the more difficult aspects of those projects. These projects are usually very challenging because of time constraints or their sheer complexity, but they also provide quite a lot of fulfilment when you’re able to really give your customer something he did not expect he could get!

  • Personal life

    As an office worker, I try to go outside as much as I can. This might mean going into the woods on my mountain bike or simply walk out of my front door and do a 10 kilometre run around the Waal river estuaries. When the weather conspires to keep me indoors I still don’t think I’m too old to play a few video games!